Spectator in Fürth rises not even 1000

Even if the sports clubs in Bavaria are allowed to burden their stadiums or halls again up to 50 percent, the next home game of SPVGG Greuther Fürth will only have a few places available. According to the newcomer, only 6700 seats and thus less than half of the approximately 16,600 viewer may be occupied against the newly climber on September 11.

As a reason, the shamrock called the unchanged standing ban. For the seasonal home premiere last Saturday against Arminia Bielefeld (1: 1) were allowed in Fürth 5890 spectators. This corresponds to 36 percent of the total capacity.

50 percent will be better on the paper than it is in truth. With the remaining stationary ban, this number can not be achieved while maintaining distances. It is extremely a pity that we continue to be in Bavaria compared to the others Lands behind. We will continue to use that nationwide rules apply to a national league, Fürth's Managing Director Holger Schwiewagner commented on the impact of his federal state in force on Monday on Monday on the game of the Swiss francs.

Bestnote Included: Bayer dominates the SPVGG Greuther-eleven


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