FIFA 22: With Messi PSG is finally the best team in the SPIE

Lionel Messi changes to PSG. The message not only shook the real football world properly, but is also exciting forfifa 22. Because Paris Saint-Germain is likely to offer one of the most fieriest teams of FIFA history.

This is the latest change in the real football world: Lionel Messi, who fought for years with Cristiano Ronaldo for the title of the best footballer in the world, changes the club after 21 years at FC Barcelona. His new employer: Paris Saint-Germain in the French Ligue 1.

PSG has been hunting for the Champions League victory for years and had already last, pure by the name, one of the best teams in the world. 2020 Stand PSG even in the final of the Champions League, but there had to be beaten there for FC Bayern.

This year, PSG has bought great again to get closer to the Champions League victory. Messi is the largest, but not the only transfer, the PSG has made.

The result: an incredibly strong troupe, which will probably have the strongest values ​​of all clubs in FIFA 22.

Even on the official FIFA twitter channel has already been asked if PSG may be the first six-star team of FIFA history. So far, it should not come that Paris blows the previously known evaluation limits. But where the idea comes from, the squad overview shows PSG.

PSG in FIFA 22 - a team without weak points?

The incredible attack: If you look at the storm of Paris Saint-Germain, you get the impression that the responsible person simply play the ultimate team in real life. Because PSG now play some of the absolutely dangerous players at all.

  • Lionel Messi is one of the most creative, graduated and dribble-strongest players of all time. In FIFA 22, he will certainly take one of the top positions of the best players at all. Well possible, that he will be the highest rated player of the game again (Icons excluded now). If he gets an ones-to-watch card that gets better with every TOTW nomination, he should quickly collect upgrades in Ultimate Team.
  • Kylian Mbappé is not only the cover star of FIFA 22, but one of the dreaded cards in the game. The Frenchman is unbelievably fast, has skill moves without end and a dangerous degree on it.
  • Neymar completes the trio. The Brazilian is one of the strongest maps of fut story, convinced with skills and dribblings. Neymar will also be represented in the top 10 certainly. A prediction to the FIFA 22 Top 10 ratings can be found here.

This threesome combination alone is likely to raise PSG in the FIFA heaven in terms of attack. And there are still players to come: Among other things, Angel di Maria, even a highly rated dribbler, or attacker Mauro Icardi yes are still in Paris.

The strong midfield: In the headquarters with Marco Ratti ran a strong player for PSG anyway, now the French also went on shopping tour. Liverpool Middle Field Man Georgino Wijnaldum also connects PSG to the new season. So Paris has an equally playing game-like defensive-strong duo in the center.

The whole thing is supplemented by players like Idrissa Gueye, other Herrera and Danilo Pereira - which can also handle the ball and a strong backup.

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The newly set defensive: Also in the defense PSG is extremely strongly situated. Thus, about domestic defending Marquinhos and Kimpembe are still there, which both upgrades are likely to be in the house. In addition, new entry Sergio Ramos comes: one of the best internal chests of the world and classically also a top player in FIFA.

Not enough: PSG has also committed Achraf Hakimi from Inter Milan. The right defendant is insane quickly and offensively always dangerous. In addition, with Gianluigi Donnarumma, a freshly baked European champion in the gate, which is allowed to supply a duel about the number 1 in the box with the already highly valued Keylor Navas.

In short, look at the names, then with PSG is definitely not to spa. While in real football can still say, Well, let's see if these stars work so really together, is likely to be sure for FIFA 22 that alone the extremely high stats of some player PSG should make a top team.

Among other things, PSG scores with players, which are heavily set up in terms of skills and convincing with pace. That should fit well in the game principle of FIFA. However, there will be some changes to the gameplay in FIFA 22 - you can see here:

But no matter how the game principle changes in FIFA 22 compared to FIFA 21: footballers like Mbappé, Neymar or Messi will continue to be the best thing that can be brought to the place. How strong PSG is ultimately, the ratings should show if they are shown in the weeks prior to FIFA publication. We keep you up to date here at Meinmmo. Everything about the FIFA 22 Release is meanwhile learning here.


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